Monday, November 22, 2010

Girl Talk

Girl Talk!

        The boutique I chose to visit for this weeks assignment is Girl Talk Clothing, located in The Orchard at the Arbor shopping center of El Toro road in Lake forest. I had never been inside before but i have driven past it a few times. Its a cute little store/boutique. I found a lot of thing I like. Window displays were effortless, and went along with the whole holiday theme. Luckily the owner Ivy was there and I had the chance to talk to her about her store. She was really nice and open to the idea of blogging about her store. The trends I saw in her store were lace and femininity and a lot of piecing things together by accessorizing. She had a lot of cute dresses and of course lots and lots of denim. The brand that sells the most is Miss Me. So far that is her number one seller. Ivy does a really good job in keeping up with the trends but she also keeps the demographics in mind by trying to cater to the location and the type of people that come in. I can see myself coming in again to shop untill i drop!!!!!

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