Monday, December 13, 2010

Mod Fashion


                                                            Prefall2011 Mod fashion

            This trend is a repeat of history. It applies to fashion because fashion always repeats itself. In fall 2011 this trend will be very big. It has started a little now. In the streets I see a lot of mod clothing, even the patterned motif on dresses or blouses. Diane Von Furstenberg does an excellent job carrying on this trend. Her 2011 fall collection consist of knee length skirts long sleeve blouses with printed scarves, dresses with geometric motifs and knee high boots with leg warmers/tights. Michael Kors and BGBG also have a little more modern approach to this concept. BCBG has color blocked dresses and skirts matched up with blouses. Michael Kors has more tailored pants, crops and jackets with knit long sleeved dresses and tops.
            Visually this concept is very clean and it would merchandise really well. Fabrics used for this trend are mixed prints, chunky knits, sheer fabrics. Colors used for the concept are :
n      Blitzed Red
n      Woody orange
n      Money green
n      Psychedelic pink
n      Stoned blue
n      Clean teal
n      Yellow sponge
n      Primo black
The lifestyle and culture that the customer carries through is very earthy laid back, modern and fun. Target customer would be 20s-40s. It’s a wide range for age but every age group would add their own twist. For a day time look chunky knits with mixed prints would be ideal. Night time look would be dresses that are either long or short and high wasted. Work would be skirts or pants/crops with a clean cut sweater.

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