Monday, November 15, 2010

Website Review is a publication site that is filled with a lot of useful information for trend forecasters and just about anyone who is a fashionista. The website also has a subscription but it is a little bit pricey, but anyone can still access information on all the news and current trends. is based in California and it gives you the scoop on fashion week, people and trends, and information about the industry. As a future trend forecaster this website really helps me a lot because it gives me all the information I need. It talks about beauty, accessories, shoes, textiles, trade shows, etc. It also gives me a calendar of upcoming events incase I would like to go or even just to keep an eye for it. The website also has articles on where the industry stands economy wise and what certain corporations are doing about it. This is good to know because if the economy is bad you want to find money saving ways to still move the trends forward. It is good to know about local places and what is the trend of a certain area and California apparel news does an excellent job in keeping us updated because it is all bout what is happening in California and in local cities.
I definitely recommend this site to any future forecasters because it is really helpful and they also have a free email newsletter that keeps you updated on all the scoops and news there is to know about this fabulous industry.

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