Monday, September 20, 2010

Trend Setters

Rachel Zoe is a trendsetter in the sense that she really has her own style. She doesn't really go with the flow or wear what everyone is wearing. Rachel is also coming up with an affordable clothing brand. We don't know when exactly she will launch this project but i heard its coming soon. I'm looking forward to her accessories because that's what i notice the most in her show. Rachel is an amazing stylist who has been in the industry for years, as a stylist you have to also present yourself as a trendsetter and i believe that Rachel does portray that.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is an excellent example of a trendsetter. We have all been watching her since her own show The Hills. The fashionista showed us her own style and lifestyle in the show. Although the show is over and done with, she is still working hard on her label. This fahionista has her own clothing line and has a few book out. her clothing line portrays her style and what she actually would wear. i feel like this girl has always had good publicity so when you see her in magazines she is always in the best dressed, get her style, who wore it best section.


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